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That is complete and total bs, I've warned them several times to stop displaying popups when users visit my site with spyware installed, or i would ban them from advertising via adsense or affiliate programs.

True.com is the current worst offender, followed by perfectmatch. I figured eharmony would have learned after the FCC gave them a slap a few years ago.

Along side advertising on spyware/adware they popup millions of popups on free hosting services like netzero. They are even listed as "big advertisers"


This whole process is becoming extremely annoying. Markus, with PlentyOfFish you at least have a good reason to advertise. And the fact that you are "protecting" your users by banning the URL of offending services in your Adsense campaigns says something really good about your ethics when it comes to a commitment to users.

Its already bad enough that many online dating services charge $49+ a month. But then for that user to still be bombarded with popups and possible adware programs really shows how low some of these services are sinking. They do more and more to turn people off to them and then wonder why there is a "flat growth rate" within the industry.

I have been using online dating for a few years. My friend turned me on to them and we both have had a lot of fun. I have been on both Plenty of Fish and Ezdate123... I like both sites....Neither has pop ups and I have fun with both...Sandy

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