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I can honestly say that I have been an active member with Match.com on and off for over 4 years. On my way along I've found guite a few misconceptions regarding this site.

First off it offers you a 30 day trial, then apparently in the small print they let you know that thier going to keep deducting the $30.00 from your account whether you like it or not. So then you go over the other deals and the best one is 6 months for $12.99 per month, like most people thinking their deducting the &30.00 out every month. Know their going to begin to deduct $12.99 monthly from my account.

Oh no people, I filled out all the info to pay and it was the whole 6 month fee of $77.00. What is that about? It's called misrepresentation, making someone think their getting a better deal, but the charges are really still coming up front. It'll also say people are online when they are not, in turn could cause insecurities to 2 people trying to make a match with each other. Like jeez we've done out now and are getting pretty serious, but he's always om Match. I'm sure you'll say it's a computer delay then perhaps you should discuss eliminating that feature. That's just my opinion, I'm still on the site myself. Please whoever reads this don;t think I'm bitter or have a problem with the site, I just found a couple of thongs misleading, but if I didn't like it why would I still be on your site (please don't kick me off for typing my letter) Cause, dude let me tell you, many of things on a "date" from a man on this site should not have to me. Just have to try to make sure they are completely truthful (but I guess we all have our little secrets. Don't we) that we can't share right away. Later definitely HONESTY is key to a relationship.

Thank You,
*For all your reading*


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