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How much of this is due simply to the "trendy" aspect of online dating waning a little? Those who were less serious to begin with have moved on, perhaps to social networking(?).

Anyone leaving a paid site to go to a "free" one was never serious to begin with, IMHO. You could never count on their financial support. So, that hardly qualifies as "losing business".

We can't relate to people leaving us; our sales are up 20% year-to-date compared to 2005. New trial numbers are up, also, but our ad spending is way *down* relatively speaking (try figuring that one out!).

Perhaps we are doing a better job of retaining and growing our base. Customer service has always been a key focus. And, high prices can't be to blame; we have the highest prices of anyone in our space (always have) - at least - on the shorter-term memberships. Longer-term ones have always been a super deal ($89.95 for a year right now - and we are selling a ton of those).

Its still really early days of "free online dating". According to hitwise and http://ranking.websearch.com/SiteInfo.aspx?url=okcupid.com Plentyoffish.com is 10 times bigger then okcupid which is the #2 free site.

Okcupid is closing a large round of venture Capitol soon as reported here


As has happened before in other markets the free sites are going to capture huge marketshare. Once the major free sites are established the niche sites will come under attack from small focused dating sites.


If Okcupid is closing a large round of VC funding, and they are 1/10th your size, what are you waiting for?

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