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My bet:
eHarmony and other sites like that, will collapse!!!!

eHarmony and other sites with proprietary tests or models have low successful matching rates, because their proprietary tests or models have great precision in measuring different psychological variables but their matching algorithms have low precision when comparing one psycho_pattern to others.
The whole precision is less than you could achieve searching by your own!!!
This problem arises because they use multiple regression equations in their matching algorithms to predict relationship compatibility!

Kindest Regards,
Fernando Ardenghi.
Buenos Aires.

I guess no one has told that to the eHarmony members who are shelling out upwards of $125M/year on memberships;-)

Same thing with the bumble-bee - no one told it that it cannot fly, as its wings are too small to lift its weight. So, it keeps flying, blissfully unaware;-)

It never ceases to amaze me the amount of people who bash success. I'd swear it has to be envy.

If someone else can do a better job, please do it. Meantime, stop criticising and step up to the plate and deliver.

Sure, Beta was better than VHS. But, who cares? Beta stockholders never made it.

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