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"They proclaim themselves as a safe service because they do background checks, yet then they launch sleazy ad campaigns that could easily bring questionable people to their site."

You mean, the type of person who is attracted by the female form?
Or - God forbid - the type of person who enjoys sex?
Do you have to be prig to be concerned about safety?

True professes to be a "safer online dating service"; a place to "find true love". Yet True.com advertises like they are an escort agency. So you tell me what one has to do with the other. Is True an online dating service or an escort service? They send mixed messages.

But this probably is, of course, the company's goal. After all, True's CEO (your dad) writes in his book that for a company to succeed it has to court "controversy" because controversy draws attention, which can help drive sales.

They have sexy ads and they promote safety. Those may be *different* messages, but your suggestion that they're somehow incompatible seems baseless.

As for your question (what's one got to do with the other), once you remove the deliberately insulting analogy, your question becomes, "What has sex got to do with love or dating?"
Not an easy question to answer fully and completely. This much, however, is certain: It's a hell of a lot!
-More, anyway, than Louis Vuitton, Budweiser and the zillion other companies in virtually every industry that use sex to sell their product.

Since when was Budweiser promoting "finding true love" and a "safer online dating experience" with its advertising? You defend a practice you are connected with, thus have the inability to objectively view. Yet True.com remains one of the only online dating services to have "Advertising Issue" complaints filed against them with the Better Business Bureau. In fact, the array of complaint categories filed against True.com with the BBB is higher than any other online dating service. Does this tell you anything about True.com's practices?

You then have the nerve to call my True analogy insulting. Let's see - what does an ad pointing at a woman's breasts with the message "we're busting at the seams with single women" say to you?

And how come other forums are discussing this topic where people are reporting they can't view sites with True.com ads on them at work, less someone think they are visiting a porn site?

The analogy of True.com appearing more as an escort agency than an online dating service is right on the mark, IMHO. Your advertising campaign defines who you are. It helps brand what people think of your service. And you've chosen to exploit women with seductive ads and slogans. Do you think these ads attract men looking for long term relationships or those looking for sex?

Instead of defending sleazy practices, you might want to take a step back, look at your advertising campaign (big posters of each ad in a conference room), bring in a focus group and ask them "how does this advertising define True.com?" You may find my analogy mild in comparison to what others say.

You and I both know this is a ploy right out of the manual written by your dad - do something controversial, get people talking about it, keep the controversy burning hot, then exploit it for profits. At least with the background checks you could garnish public support. With this ad campaign, you are showing everyone True's true colors.

As another blogger (and magazine writer) put it:

"true.com has the most interesting ads now, generally showing women whose breasts are so ample, they are barely restrained in their blouses. The ads promise "sexy single women."

Yeah, that'll keep the felons and married guys away."

I saw an ad on MySpace for True.com dating service that basically said go here to search for sex in YOUR city, and something about a sex quiz or test (I don't remember exactly).

But, isn't MySpace mostly used by teenagers, and if so, isn't it extremely inappropriate for those kinds of ads to be on there?


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