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Hi I don't think these guys are anti online dating. I think the system is great, right now I use my girlfriends and they all use me as their security blanket but now I also use secure singles as backup. I have been dating online for a while...but this actually makes online dating safer than offline dating. Because I have more info on the guy to add to his folder. I think this system is overdue and I dont think it goes too far. Btw u did not actually report how the system works. U do not have to check in while on date...u can schedule for whatever time u choose.

I like the site. Works for me. Better safe than sorry. It is us against them, online or offline.

One great thing about having comments enabled is that you get opinions from others - valuable ones that help show an overall perspective and I appreciate the perspectives being shared here. Thank you.

My biggest concern with Secure Singles and the reason for my belief of it going to far is its ability to message/notify police (according to a press release by Secure Singles) if a person doesn't check in. People are forgetful. You go out, have fun, forget to check in and suddenly we are pulling law enforcement away from their duties to deal with a person who forgot to check in. Until safeguards are built into this system, it will be hard for me to fully endorse it. There are common sense measures people can take without having to pay for something that can needlessly tie up law enforcement officials when not used correctly.

I do commend Secure Singles for the way it presents itself on its Website. However, at this time I see it more effective in other areas it advertises - plan parties and track friends down. Once safeguards are built in to combat false notifications, I'll be more likely to endorse it as a service for daters too.

Again, thanks for sharing your excellent opinions and thoughts.

I don't know why you are slamming a company that is doing something so good for women's safety. I checked out securesingles.com and I think it's a great site. You should make sure that your facts are straight before printing an article like this. Secure Singles does not notify the law enforcement "if a person does not check in on a date"! You set notifications to be sent out if you don't check in AFTER a date. Even then, if you don't cancel the notification and it goes out to your friend or family member (you designate who you want it to go out to), then it's obvious that the recipient of the notification would call you first to make sure everything is ok. The site says that if you need to cancel your emergency notification, you can also do it on your cell phone because the site is mobile. I am going to use it myself because I feel much safer using a system like this to send notifications, just in case. I really like that the notifications are time-released and that I can attach a folder with the information about the guy I have a date with. That way, if something does go wrong, then my friend can contact the authorities with all of the information about the guy I went out with. I'm all for it! The more safe dating tools, the better. You guys should be promoting this site, not criticizing it.

"Sally" - read my post before yours. It answers your question. I am not the one who put out the press release saying the service can notify authorities if they don't check in. Secure Singles said it and that's my quam with the service - the potential of tying up law enforcement if someone forgets to "check in". If you have no quam, more power to you. I hope you use it and have great success with it.

If Secure Singles wishes to clarify its position, then I'd be more than happy to reexamine the issue. And if it's something that females (and/or males) want to pay for, use, and have success with it then mega cheers to Secure Singles. We will also be extending an interview request to Secure Singles because even if we don't agree with everything the service does, we feel it is unique enough to warrant attention then readers can decide whether to use it or not.

On a related note, it's interesting that two other similar services quickly announced their launch right after Secure Singles. It's obviously a vertical market that some companies thing online daters / singles need and if the need is there then it's nice that the company is filling it. Hopefully that clarifies my position.

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