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That’s really necessary nowadays, because most of the online relationships will end up with a date. Health insurance could be rather useful.

I personally think that not only physical health should be taken into consideration but also a mental health. This could prevent dating with dangerous people.

For the present moment I do not know any dating site which could offer such a service. So we should try to make a research ourselves. I found some symptoms of mental illness which could help. They are given at http://www.behavior.net/bolforums/showthread.php?t=694 in a forum by Tamara Sutton, a Licensed Professional Counselor.
She covers all the cases when you should worry. Here are some of them:

1. Any suspicion or confirmation of self harm or aggression toward others
2. When a person is so needy / demanding of somebody’s time that you cannot efficiently deal with him/her
3. You suspect that a person is not being honest / truthful with you.
4. Noncompliance with medical treatment which could be anything from inability / lack of motivation / unwillingness to lose weight, increase activity, take meds as prescribed, etc.
5. Depressed mood
6. Heightened anxiety
7. Signs of chemical use to cope with stress / feelings / situations

These tips can help you in a way to avoid problems.

This is something we Canadians (and Europeans & Aussies & Kiwis, etc.) cannot wrap our heads around - the need for health insurance. We all have universal coverage in our respective countries.

Sure, you hear stories about wait times for certain surgeries and what-not, but overall, it sure beats the US system.

My wife had an MRI the other week. Total cost? $0. We had our kids at the Dr. recently. Total cost? $0. I made an appt to see my Dr. and got one that same day. Total cost? $0.

Yes, we pay for it in our taxes. But, so what? If I am sick, I get help, and worrying about finances is the last thing on my mind. In fact, such concern is absent.

Y'all down there should get with the program!

Well put Sam. It is kind of sad that someone with health insurance is considered a major catch in the online dating world when, in reality, having health insurance should be the standard, not some sought after asset.

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