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Too bad there's always a catch! With dating traffic declining, dating companies are getting crafty trying to squeeze as much from their user base as possible. We will probably see a lot of fallout this year as many of the social networks are soaking up the traffic.

Matchdoctor is positioning itself by listening to our users, creating user loyalty, and evolving our site based on feedback. We are a hybrid free/pay site. There's not many like us around and we are unique. All basic features such as mail, forums, blogging, singles events, search, and more are totally free to use on our site. We have even integrated social networking into the site where members can create friends list, post bulletins, and more. We offer a optional paid membership to help support our cause, in exchange the ads are removed from your view, and you get some really neat features such as seeing who has viewed your profile, a private photo album, and more. By reading our forums or blogs you will see many users thanking us for listening and providing a great service.

I always wonder why many of the major dating sites do not include public forums or blogs. I think a lot would have to do with people posting their gripes and complains about them publicly ;)

"eHarmony free communication weekend"....Ha, when you see free, beware because there's a catch and even with eHarmony there is a catch. Dating on liners want to see who they are communicating even if it's a free-bee. Let's face it looks do play a big part in a potential match so if you say it's free then don't set limitations to your "free" offer. eharmony is not cheap to join so the more you can get for your money the better for you and eharmony. If I am satisfied with your service I will recommend a friend, if not I will post my opinion as I have here. I am not saying this is not a good site I am saying the "free" weekend is not what it's cracked up to be.

I have noticed that eharmony has expanded their free communication to this upcoming weekend as well. I assume this will become a common gimmick to bring traffic to the website. The marketing ploy seems to position them in the ranks of the work from home sites with the all or nothing attitude. In order understand the experience you have to dive in and commit to the price.

At some point they might as well offer a free service that can compete with some of the more popular social networking sites. After all aren't the two pretty much interchangeable.

I signed up for free communication weekend. It took so long to get started, I didn't get anywhere with anybody. I wasn't about to pay $240 or even $50 to get a date so I disabled the account after the promo ended. Now they're sending me "nudges" that these poor guys want to communicate and are wondering what happened to me. I feel kind of bad for them but also bad for wasting many hours from my precious weekend setting up an account for nothing.

On the flipside though, I found it amusing how far you CAN get with the free communication weekends. I set up an account in early November 2008. It is a free account and I got my first five matches, etc. The first one stood out to me and he started communicating with me. The first free communication weekend was Thanksgiving 2008. I was finally able to respond to his questions and send him my own. The second weekend was in December, and I was able to respond to his answers with another set of questions I designed. He is a paid member so he has requested Fast Track. The next time a Free Comm weekend rolls around, I'll be able to accept it. It took time and the man must have the patience of Noah, but I was amused that I could even get this far without paying a cent!

Good luck for that guy dating someone as frugal as you! He'll be in the poor house in no time.

What free weekend! I had a match named Joshua from Ipswich. When I tried the free communication this weekend e harmony said no such person found, when e harmony found the match for me. Joshua if you are out there from Ipswich and a special ed teacher would you kindly e-mail me Carla808@hotmail.com. You chose me and I was interested in you, but e harmony lied to me and said there was no such person and all the websites I tried to go to for e harmony were unavailable . There was a picture of a paint brush and they all said they were under repair. |This could be a match made in Heaven (maybe). It certainly wasn't a match made from eharmony. Don't waste your money. I am the one who wasn't looking but wanted to be found. Joshua find me.

I found a man through free weekend over thanksgiving. Then over the new year found out it was a female?!?! I searched the name again and it came up with an almost identical profile but it said female. There are some sketchy people on this service, as with anything online - buyer beware

Yeh that site wasted 10 minutes of my life and I want them back lol

Maybe we should sue them for lying :P

One of my friends met someone on the free eharmony weekend in February, and they are getting married in a week! So.....I guess something must be working for someone out there:)

I have tried eharmony's free communication weekend and have been extremely disappointed. Since you make an investment of an hour or more to fill out the questionnaires, and since they promote it as free communication, they really should give you what they seem to be offering. I'm skeptical of any service that needs to manipulate its users and potential users with misleading promises in order to turn a profit. If their service was really so successful, I don't think they would need to do so. And who here thinks that 'lynn' (above) is really an eharmony blogger in disguise? Here's a tip eharmony, if you're going to be the most expensive service for internet dating, and you really are such a great opportunity, give people 3 days to chat and they'll want to come back if it's all it's cracked up to be.

I paid for the 3 months for 60$ recently so I would finally get a chance to see pictures since looks ARE important I feel and won't lie about it and also as a social experiment of sorts. So far my experience hasn't been the best, with the limited communication I can attempt to communicate with people but get nothing in return most of the time since not many people will shell out the cash(I did because of the 3 month deal and as part of my 'experiment'). I feel they should allow a none paying member communicate with a paying member as long as the one who initiated communication pays, so far all I can do is see pictures and who viewed my profile.

I had to get creative and include my facebook page in my description so anyone who is interested can communicate me or at least see my picture since I do recognize looks play a factor.

I filled out the E Harmony "Free weekend" profile 100% truthfully and received an email that said I was not the type person that E Harmony would be able to match.
I believe this was because I was divorced twice, and quite possibly my income was not high enough
This site matches people for all the wrong reasons!

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