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People need to report True.com to DTC and TX AG. However there is a conflict of interest. The AG is republican and Vest has give the AG and GOP a lot of money. A class action is the only way to get Vest's attention. Vest claimed True spent 52.1 million on ads. If True is making money now it is because of 3 things. The billing scam and the ads (counts as 2) Vest as a history of misleading and flat out lying. The bait and switch! Vest said he knows of the problems, yet hasn't returned one dime! Vest admits to the fraudulent winks and lies again. Vest put up or Shut up! Stop ripping of consumers.

Vest needs the money to pay all his legal fees. Vest has ripped off his own mother and sons of million, so we shouldn't be surprised he is ripping of customers. Vest is counting on costumers giving up and going away. Vest knows the legal fees will cost more then the money True.com steals, so they keep ripping people off.

What needs to happen is all US State AGs need to get all complaints Especially, the states Vest is trying to get his special interest law passed, Ohio, TX, and Michigan. We must fight back! Don't be a victim be victorious, speak out! Help protect others from being ripped off. One voice does make a difference. It adds up to 15 million that Vest claims are paying members. That would mean True at 50 bucks a month is grossing 750 million a month. If that is the case why doesn't Vest give his son's money back with interest of course.

I signed up for this not realizing that I would be charged for not cancelling after 7 days. I have a feeling this is how they make their money. I won't complain about this since I see that they did send me an email about it. I am angry that they continued to charge me after I cancelled and cause me to overdraft my account. I got them on the phone with someone from my bank and got them to take off that charge at which time they claimed I would not be charged again and my account was closed. The excuse for the charge after I cancelled was that it didn't show up in my account that day because of "delayed billing" so that it was actually incurred prior to my cancelling. I cancelled my debit card. Had I not done these things, I wonder what would have happened. Would they have gone on trying to get funds out of my account?

Yep, sounds like True.com
coasted me $300 Canadian for a service that i didn't use once, 240 before i realized that im getting billed, and another $60 Canadian for extra 2 days of "service"

My son cancelled this service too back in January - he is in the airforce. (another free so many days) They have as of this date taken over $200.00 out of his checking account unauthorized!!!!They say he didn't cancel it. HE DID, I did too!!! Does anyone want to stop these people? I am more than willing to work with someone to stop them NOW!!! He should receive EVERY PENNEY BACK! They will not refund him. I am writing BBB and who else can we contact anyone know. They are going down!!!! Trust me!!! They even rip off our service men!!!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!

I realy think most of the ladys specialy the pritty ones are not for real because every single one of them are lieing.First vthey are in US then they say they are in africa somewhere and ask for money to get beck home.Is it a coinsidence?come on this guys are conman and steeling money from everyone.When I sighned up they didn't even say how much it was going to be a month I can't find a page that i can cancel all i see is a phone number.This peolpe must go to court. Whoever is risponsible for this sites better do so.If you anyone needs anything please you can emailme.Thank you.Justice for all.

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