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Site is the scam, i forgot to cancel. I didn't catch $50 on my visa for a few month when i did, i already payed $200, never used a service once. When i called to cancel, I was 2 days into next month's billing cycle, so thats another $50 for a 2 days of "Service" all together that was a $250 mistake, and service sucked

True.com takes the cake for most scurrilous. The entire sign-in process is geared to obtain two things. First priority: your card info. Second, your picture.

Why do they need your card info for a seven day free trial? To begin automatic billing of course. If you abort the sign-in at the card info screen (which I did), your "account" is still created and your email is bombarded by offers, prompts, bogus "winks" and false "interested" parties. If you want to cancel/delete what you've already (foolishly) given them in personal information, good luck. The "How do I cancel" link leads to the "Cancel" section of the FAQ which in turn links to the top of the same FAQ ... which is to say there is no (obvious) way to cancel the account.

Why do they want your picture? Presumably to 'round out' your account even in the (likely) event that you don't use it. More bogus accounts and "membership" bloat.

It's curious that a company which supposedly goes to the trouble of doing criminal background checks and marital status verification would stoop to such despicable tactics. One wonders about the veracity of ALL their pompous claims.

True.com's bad reputation is well-deserved.

Fortunately, I've never signed up with True.com, because I've always heard about their billing practices, but if you're a single guy and you see one of their online ads with scantily clad women, you almost can't help but click on it. I'm sure there are plenty of people that regret ever signing up with True.com.

Tru.com, crooks period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After checking credit card statement this morning I found a $49.99 charge for True.com. Last month I phoned and complained about them automatically putting charges through and was given the old song and dance that I need to contact them. Then was offered a new rate of $19.99 - wow a $30 difference. Now after today's call complaining that I had been given a new rate of $19.99 why was I charged the old high rate given another song and dance that I must have hit a button for free 3 day trial and that would have generated me back to the old high rate. Not likely, they are just hoping that you will not notice that you are back to the old higher rate. Because I was so mad during this call I was told they were crediting me back $30.00 and putting me back to $19.99 and then when I said just cancel they now offered a new monthly rate of $9.99. What a scam if they can charge $9.99 then the other $30 or $40 they are taking was just a big line to reel you in. Something needs to be done about this company immediately. I will advise my credit card company to refuse to pay their charges but what about all the money I am already out and guess what I have not had one successful match. After complaining and then all of a sudden bombarded with matches that do not even know they are being viewed. Get winks and then response from match is did not wink at you or they do not respond. And then they say winking back and I never even winked at them. Please get these companies under control or gone.

I pr-paid True.com (Thailand) for one year the internet has big connections problems I have been up to 4 days without service was told it's my computer Wrong after months was told I must purchase a wireless G USB Adapter to make there service work, I should have bee tols this when I signed up for service not months later

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