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This really cannot be considered a "victory" as many of the women supporters of DDHG see it because the battle was never fought! The judge simply did not "address" the issue because it was filed in the wrong venue.

Seems to me that if Mr. Hollis is as self assured, arrogant and angry as he appeared on the Dr. Phil Show, he will most certainly file a new lawsuit against DDHG in the Sunshine State!

I really don't think he can win though.

So why is it ok that guys have websites where they can publish pictures of their ex-girlfriends naked to get back at them? It's a two way street and as far as I am concerned, what goes around, comes around.

Here are some examples....and you "guys" out there are going to tell me that this is mature and acceptable? Yeah right!



The radio station in my city even did a rant on this kind of stuff and frankly, the pictures are more degrading than a few comments.

Cindy English, Smitty,

There is a major flaw in comparing anonymous posting sites like "www.dontdatehimgirl.com" to other sites like "www.exgfpics.com": responsibility and the ability to seek some recourse. The point of the defamation lawsuit brought by Mr. Hollis is that Ms. Joseph, through her site, is facillitating inaccuracies and lies about him and he has no other recourse to clearing his name but to sue her. Allegedly, the comments being posted about Mr. Hollis anonymously are inaccurate and/or flat out lies. It's just a person, whether man or woman, who is trying to smear his reputation. Indeed, it isn't necessarily even an ex-girlfriend who is doing the actual posting; that is an assumption that you are making. It could be, for example, that Mr. Hollis is up for a promotion against another co-worker. This other co-worker decides to submarine Mr. Hollis by smearing his reputation through an anonymous posting on a site like DDHG so as to present him in a bad light to the company and secure the promotion for himself. Mr. Hollis now has no recourse except against Ms. Joseph because the posting was anonymous. Is that right?

Whereas, on a site like exgfpics, presumable the person in a picture made a choice to have their picture taken naked and then allowed her boyfriend to keep the picture at that time. Certainly, she doesn't want them posted once she breaks up and, the ex-boyfriend should not be posting the pics. However, unlike a posting on DDHG, there is a certain degree of responsibility on her part for taking the pictures to begin with and letting her boyfriend keep the pics afterwards. That isn't the case in false statements being posted on DDHG. Also, presumably, with respect to the pictures being taken, the girl knows which ex-boyfriend took the pictures and who posted them so she has some recourse there. The problem with DDHG is the anonomity associted with the posting. A guy like Mr. Hollis has no recourse against the individual who made the posting to begin with.

You are making an assumption that everything posted on anonymous posting sites like DDHG is accurate. That is simply is not true. Mr. Hollis should have some recourse to clear his name if the stuff up there isn't true.

I am the person that started expic.net and believe you are both right on all accounts. Its hard to be a person that believes in freedom of speech, then turn to something that we may find offensive and ask that it be removed. The posting of information on our site is the direct result of a girl gifting a picture to her boyfriend. Once this has been done, it is at his discretion if he wants to post the pictures on a website or any other media. This same game has been done long before the internet. Guys used to take naked pictures of their girlfriends and wifes and have them developed at the local saveon drug store. If he wanted to share these pictues, he would either make more copies, or simply burn a few on a copy machine. Times have changed and the internet have given us the ability to redistribute the information in a much more efficient way. As a responsible site owner, any requests we get for picture removal are taken seriously and acted on accordingly. This is a major difference in the "ex girlfriend posting" versus DDHD. We moderate every post and remove any thing that may be identifiable to whom the girl in the picture is.

When it all comes down to it, i started the site solely for a way to generate revenue from advertising. I like naked women, and most other men do as well.

Be careful ladies, you never know what is going to be posted!

Cheers - expic.net

everybody deserves a tru heads up

LOL, I just visted the expic.net website. I was curious about the comment "We morderate every post and remove anything that maybe identifiable to whom the girl in the picture is" well you don't remove their faces. Nothing is more identifiable than one's face.

I'm amazed at what capabilities that "Don't Date Him Girl" can do. I had placed a factual comment on the website that was very simple about someone, and was hoping that it would at least prevent another girl from getting hurt. Months later, the man that was written about, found the post, and posted his comments, which were not very nice. I was willing to take the comments off, but the site took away my membership privileges or someone had taken my identity on the site.

Anyway, after numerous emails to contact them, I had hoped that they would assist in removing the information so I would no longer receive threats to my life and my children's lives, but they do not return emails.

I wish the site would be closed down just for the purpose of safety.


I agree with the guy who owns www.expic.net, in that concerns or complains need to be heard. If a site does allow members to post what they believe to be factual comments or events about another person, the site can not be held liable and should not be held liable. If that is the case we will have to shut the internet down as a whole. My Space members post comments and blogs about others all the time. Also, the whole BLOG world is about opinions and freedom of speech. A site should consider the complaints and investigate them, and decide whether or not the member should be removed from their membership base. If the person is removed, perhaps all of their postings should be removed as well. Bottom line is, a credit report, criminal back ground report, etc are NEVER 100% accurate. They can apply whatever they want to your file. YOU have to dispute and have erroneous information removed. Same applies here. Stop the madness. Papparazi is everywhere and celebrities can't stop them. Can't sue them, can't run them over with their cars (Britney Spears). So grow up and start keeping it REAL!

I just found out I am on that site- tonight. I am a GIRL! This is so silly- it is all lies, and the worst part is that people from my town saw it - and it says that I have herpes...? This is really awful, and not true. Even if I did have herpes, it would be awful for someone to post about it without my permission on a venue such as this. Something has to be done about this site.

I was blasted on this site by my ex business partner who posed as an ex girlfriend. When my women friends came to my defense and tried to post an opposing view in support of me they were blocked by the website. The webhost needs to face a class action lawsuit.

I think the site was great. Some of the men on there were pure dogs, scum bags. I glad the site had a chance to expose these men. I for one would like to post of few myself!

I wrote a short but truthful post on DDHG about a liar, serial cheat, and thief to warn other women. The liar responded with more lies, false allegations of my illegal behavior, and my identifying information.

DDHG removed his post and my second post refuting his lies. He hadn't followed their rules, DDHG responded appropriately. The accused can offer rebuttal if they follow the rules. Great site and it provides a wonderful service, and we received fair and equitable treatment. DDHG isn't liable, which I am certain they will prove, sue the poster. And the ACLU has fouled up enough already with other bogus pursuits, time they are sent packing. If you tell the truth and can verify it there should be no liability.

After that I posted my own blog telling ALL the facts. I added the blog URL and the detail of what had transpired on DDHG to my original post. The liar should have left well enough alone. I pray he sues me. I'll risk it too. Just too bad you can't necessarily count on the legal system for justice.

When I first heard about this site on the radio, they had a discussion with the site owner (ex journalist, now created a site to spread negative gossip, whats the difference?) The radio host asked her about worries of women lying in the posts about ex boyfriends. Her comment was, oh I dont believe that. How ignorant and arogant can you get!? Women don't lie? They are super gender above it all,


My EX was a pethelogical lier, I broke up with her bc of her continous lies. What did she do after the break up? Tell everyone that I cheated on her and she broke up with me! Maybe I should search this web site for my name to see if im on there to form a case against this site.

On the legal end... This is public site, meaning that everyone has to be allowed to be members on the site, not just females. If it was a private site that required membership just to gain access to it, then discrimination could be rightfully made. Seeing as the site is bent on destroying males reps alone, by women alone. Leaving men very little power to rebuttle or make posts destroying women, then this would be a case of public discrimination.

On top of that women can anonymously leave posts divulging very private and indentifying information of men, opening a great opportunity for identity theft. The site owner apparently has no problem with this either.

Ms. Joseph, these are private civilians your making money off of ruining, NOT the rich celebrities and political figures that you used to write up juicy gossip about in your columns.

If you don't want your name on the site then don't be a jerk. Good people deserve to know if they are dating a dangerous, abusive, or unhealthy person. I say free for all- get to typing- lets have an jerk free dating world.

I like this website, in fact, now that I know about it, I'm going to go visit it. I want to know if someone I'm about to date is giving out herpes, or worst. Notice how this site is based against bad men, kind of like the news? Every time I turn on the news, 9 out of 10 times, it's a crime perpetrated by a man, not a woman. Many of which are crimes against women by men. SAD! Most men have a chip missing, and if this sites helps them to control their behavior in a good way, then so be it. If a guy is bi, and the a women wants to know before she dates him, then good for her. She should find out, and then make the her choice of dating him. I will use this site, not only to read about different men, but to post about two different men in my life that were horrible. One of them hit me for reasons only an insane person would understand. The other one tried to have sex with me while he knowingly had Hep C and didn't tell me. Thankfully I told him I needed his health records before I'd jump in the sack, then he came clean on his own accord. These guys are yucky! No one should date them unless they have or want to catch that crap. Yuck, yuck, yuck

It's not always false stuff alot prob is some maybe true but heck may put my ex on the site now for cheating on me with two girls he had the nerve to say I cheat & I don't he was the one who was doing it the whole time he knows who he is !!!!!!!!! I agree guys/girls should both have a site two way back at each other.

But some may save peoples life if a guy did give a girl something she'll tell on the site so girls will know who to look out for.

i was posted on there as a rapist and hold a cetificate for corrections in the state, this is not slander but a criminal charge. the site doe's absulutely no good, and hope and will join a class action law suit, they ban you when you try to appeal or ask questions, the host needs to get a life, maybe i'll post her as a child molester

Dontdatehimgirl.com is one of the most disrespectful sites on the web, freedom to speech or not. It's full of lies and Tasha is hurting others with the deceipt in the way the site is set up in hopes to get some type of 15 minute trash fame. The Terms and Conditions and Privacy Terms do not spell out the traps in the site. I sure hope it's brought down one day, through lawsuit or hackers.

The site has become a haven for every internet stalker to harass, abuse and molest the good name of anyone they wish to prey on. With no barrier to entry, anyone can cyber harass another, all the while the site's owner makes lucrative adsense. The government must step in to stop this flagrant platform for internet abuse and stalking.

It's not slander if it's true.

Freedom of Speech Guys. Even the President of the U.S has untruths printed about him Daily. Bottom line is - if you aren't a chair would it bother you deeply if someone Called you a 'chair'?? In order for them to win a lawsuit they have to PROVE the man was damaged. Not just pissed off but actually suffered real Damage. I wish them luck with that! Boys why don't you just start a 'Dont date her Fella' website and stop whinning?

Many of the users of this site have blogged about how the website is abusive and non-responsive to requests. They shut down accounts, delete posts they feel like deleting, and if you ask them to kindly remove something - they either make a hidden HTML page or link so that the deleted information is found through Google. Try to ask Google to remove it, and they can't. What kind of honest business venture would do such a thing?

Where is the integrity of the owner and the website clerks? Why do they try to hurt people when they boast about helping? Come on...it's all a scam to do nothing but try and make a buck off of nasty gossip and even worse, to make poor ignorant users SUFFER while they enjoy the laughter and blood on their hands.

I hope for the 'death penalty' for a site like this.


someone above said that men can post photos of their exes because those photos were gifted to them and they can do what they please with them. That's not true. Images may have been taken on the understanding that they're for the man's pleasure only. Just him, not the world. If a man behaves badly by cheating and being violent to a woman (as in my case)and I choose to give the facts out in public, that doesn't give him the right to publish private photos.

I am read all the comments on the blog. I do agree that there is something that needs to be done about this site. First, it is freedom of speech, but freedom of speech does not mean to slander someone creditability. The site should be for sex offenders and rapist, but just for female to get their kick off the fact that a man doesn't want to be involved with them anymore is STUPID! Second, a woman should always check the man that they plan to date and stop opening their legs before a comment, get to know the guy and I mean get to know them outside of the bedroom and than you do not have those problems. SHUT THAT WEBSITE DOWN!

if someone is stupid enough to believe everything anyone says on the internet then they are not a good person to date. 99 percent of information on the internet is lies.

If you want to find out about a guy, why dont you just do the traditional ask him the question instead of relying on an "anonymous" source? In my opinion, anyone who would look up a guy on DDHG to just gather information to base an emotional decision on is not stable themselves. Everyone who is upset at Ms. "Thang" who started the website, not to worry. She will get hers in this life or the next. And for all the guys who are blasted on there, i feel all of you. I was lied out as well. Its a sad day we live in.

I looked at the site and found it is quite easy to put out any information about males including in some cases his kids names, location of residence etc. To me that crosses the line.Women you may think DDHG is doing you a favor but let me tell you when I found out I was on that site, it made me more popular because what was being said about me was so out there that it worked for me in the positive; I hate I am no longer there now....secondly think about this, if the data that a poster is posting is accurate why not show yourself? IF the accusation you make are true then they can be verified and you have nothing to worry about right? DDHG also was pushing the Don't Date Her Man.com...hmm I have yet to see it come out and I know why: DDHG will be forced to make that site in the SAME platform as the DDHG.com site, that means they will have to allow anonymous post about women, and many of them maybe members! Can you imagine the postings? Well DDHG was smart enough to trash that idea. Message to women: If the man is a dirt bag like you are willing to post , why devote another second to a dirt bag? Judging by some of the long and drawn out post it is the dirt bag who wins! If someone does me wrong I will not devote another second on them...let along the time to post about them...come to think about it anyone who puts their business on the streets in this manner needs counseling and it is they who aren't worth dating, so on that note, DDHG should post their members pictures, that way I know who not to date....I don't want the emotional baggage.

Any review can be honest or deceitful. Anyone can slander an individual or business on the web and not suffer any repercussions. I'm against slander and lies, but if someone is a using multiple relationships as a way to scam others whether for money or their own personal gain or to physically abuse, there needs to be a public outlet because the law doesn't do enough to stop the predators who end up on DDHG in the first place. It's not so easy when you have men with multiple wives and men with fake identities even posing as dentists and surgeons and getting away with it, as well as child abusers. Many of the persons own colleagues can not see into their past. Take a look at Philip Garrido and the lack of info on him. Our own government has a public database for sexual offenders and I bet every one of you feels comfortable using it, but did you know many of those men were 18 when they slept with the 15 yr old and it still shows on the public record as sex with a minor? Many times in domestic cases things are underreported and an anonymous tip could be what saves a life.

I have used the site to look up men before and luckily have found no one I know on there, but it is comforting to know that should I be so smitten to fall for a someone that could be a potential bigamist with a history across the country that I would have a way to connect with others on this. I believe that if the guy wants his info taken down it should be taken down also. It seems like this is just the wrong company to be doing such a business.

I think all those women who post anything on this site or any other for a purpose I cannot comprehend are evil, vile creatures who should all seek professional medical help and perhaps be medicated to calm their over boosted emotions. Telling lies to make yourself feel better is plain sick. As a woman, I've had good relationships and bad ones, but I would NEVER resort to disgusting tactics as the women on DDHG.com I hope that Hollis person wins in Florida and that woman who hosts the website he held accountable for her actions. My brother was a target of such false misleading untrue acusations on this site and they wold do nothing about it. His friends saw it. His co-workers. His family. He was mortified. We know him and disregarded the post as nonsense, but there are sick women out there that use this site. Quite disgusting!!

To the person who wrote "what goes around comes around" saying that guys post pictures of girls naked to get back at them...first off, if ANYONE male or female is stupid enough to actually pose nude for pictures, you shouldn't be surprised if it ends up online at some point...duh! Secondly, that is a huge difference between an actual picture of someone that they willingly posed for, and someone making completely unsupported allegations against someone. While this has not happened to me, this site supports craaaazy women who are unhinged. Perhaps some, maybe even many are accurate, but they provide no real ay of knowing. Posters can lie as much as they want. I have a friend who had a very short relationship with a woman that was certifiable.... she repeatedly posted, creating numerous different identity's to post again and again, and made up stories just to try to hurt him, instead of moving on with his life....
From stories that he was a sexual offender and child abuser, to questions about his sexuality and more....

You can type anything you want on that page, and they post it...
If you don;t see a real problem with that, then you are just a man hater and need help.

I know I wouldn't be too happy If lies about me were slathered all over DDHG.

I understand that some woman are saying that cheaters should be treated according...That may be true...but I just found myself on there and I did not cheat. The young lady and I went on several dates a few years ago and it wasn't working. I advised her of that and she told me that I'd regret it... So now i'm being punished for being honest!

Any1 can also make comments whenever they want...I would respect that website more if the accuser had to post a picture as well but honestly...It's not fair. I have a girlfriend who I love and want to marry...and what if a friend or family member comes across this profile?

I find this all fascinating... and I agree that there should be more controls over posts, but KEEP THE SITE. I was burned FINANCIALLY ($22,000) by my ex-fiance and found out through legal battles that it wasn't the first time. I would have liked to know this... and yes, he hid it VERY WELL... I'm not ignorant and I didn't just hand him the money. I posted him on DDHG so that others would avoid him and his ability to LEECH money from women. Unfortunately, he has done it TWO MORE TIMES since 2008. Now these women are posted their comments on my original post warning the same things. There HAS to be a way to warn others. AND NOW HE IS THREATENING ME because I started the original post in 2008. Men... help us out? What other course of action would you have us take. There are LIARS out there, both men and women and my post was factual with an invitation to contact me for copies of legal action if needed.

What is not discussed is the havoc that is wreaked whenever a DDHG posting shows up on Google.

Google puts this in a high ranking; I'll be damned if I can figure out why.

Anyone who is SEO guru can help?

Anyone who would think exgfpics.com is ok but www.dontdatehimgirl.com is not, seems very confused.

What if I took naked pictures of myself to see how I looked, saved them on my computer, and my boyfriend found them and took them. We broke up and he put them up there. Just because I willingly posed for a picture doesn't mean I willingly gave them out for everyone to see, or even willingly gave them to my boyfriend. I think I am going to take naked pictures of the next guy that I date in order to hold them for ransom in case he happens to slyly film me or take pictures of my body on his cell without me knowing. Maybe I will catch him picking his toenails or doing something gross, and put his face all over the internet.

Treat others the way you want to be treated.

If men hate women warning other women about them (which I understand, some people lie), then why don't they just make a site too in order to warn men about bad women that could be doing awful things that the law does not keep under control? Oh, that's right...they really don't care...they would rather be masturbating to other people's ex-girlfriends on the internet.

It seems like the woman's site is at least well-intentioned, as the owner of exgfpics explicity stated money as the only reason he started it. For posters who are lying, if the guy can prove this through records, the site should be required to remove the content: For example, if a guy is accused of spreading an STD that he does not have, then if can submit test results for review, this information should be taken down and the user blocked for lying.

Yeah, it's extra work, but it is also a lot of work when you get wrongfully accused by the law and have to prove you're innocent (even though the law is supposed to prove you guilty.)

I understand that nothing is fool-proof, but neither is the law.
I'm glad women have this site, and annoyed/disgusted that the men's version is nude and naked pictures of ex's that may not want their pictures distributed all over the internet. A face identifies a person as much as a name and address, maybe even more. I think that if a woman finds herself up there unwillingly, she should also prove her identity (by her face) and asked that her face be blurred. Some women do want to be seen as objects by complete strangers over internet, even if they enjoyed being sexual with someone they were in a relationship with.

Dear Jimmy,

The posts are not completely anounimous. If you are a man who is married and has 3 girlfriends on the side, then yes, your life should definitely be made public so that other women will be protected from you. What you are saying is that a sex offender should not have his/her face shown on the news because what he/she did is a embarrassing. If you choose to cross the line, then that was just your choice.

I think it is just information and you can take it or not take it . But it will give you something to think about before you get to deep in a relationship 'IT'S JUST INFORMATION

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