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I am wondering if any of your readers could help me and others register a complaint against Christian Mingle.com. In its infancy in 2002 they offered a lifetime membership for $49.95 for total access to all areas of the website. They ran that special for just a short time. Me and others wanted to help them get the funds to upgrade so we helped in advertising on the message boards and chat areas as well as purchasing that special ourselves. Now they threaten to "down-grade" us all if we do not check in during a certain time period. The down-grade is to that of a new user and limits the primary access to your mail etc. from long standing friends that you have made on the site. They now want "more money" to upgrade back to the very status you thought you purchased already. This should be illegal but it is definitely unethical and down right "greedy"!!

I tried to get my lifetime membership with ChristianMingle reinstated but Cara refused.
I have logged a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. If it isn't legal --what they did, breech the original contract, then all of us should get together with a class action suit. I am not going to pay them another dime.

Strange why they would go from a specifically Christian domain to a vague domain name like Relationships. Now they are back so I guess it wasn't working for them.

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