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I think that's ridiculous and straight "MEN" have little license to claim victimization about anything in lieu of their overwhelming history in shameless displays of systematic misogyny, racism and homophobia that is completely out of control on the majority of websites.

At this point in time, it is so far beyond repair that it's impossible to police and review each and every profile text for insensitivity and prejudice, further complicated by the fact that each person has a different line in the sand about what is and what is not offensive.

And all of a sudden enough is enough with DON'T DATE HIM GIRL??

I'm highly suspect of this overnight genuine concern over "discrimination" when voiced by likes of straight men.

Instead of complaining and giving more credibility to the women's criticisms, a SMART guy would take it as an opportunity to demonstrate he's not like that all... why sink to their level and engage them? Rise above it and watch the mud not stick to your character.

THAT approach would diffuse the growing popularity of Don't Date Him Girl to everyone's benefit who is genuinely interested in finding a life partner instead of playing childish mind games.

This website has NO dispute resolution process. Emails to SiteAbuse@dontdatehimgirl.com go completely ignored. A post can contain enough personal info for identity theft, outright lies, defamation and liable, yet the administrators of this site don't see a need for a working dispute process??

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