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It's about time... yahoo has been notorius for having TONS of "fake" profiles from "women" overseas...

Many times you do a search for women in your area only to find lots of profiles, but few (if any) active on the site.

It was very misleading as a customer.

Dave M.

eHarmony is just as dishonest. I let my account expire once, and on another occasion canceled it outright, only to have them tell me that another user "wanted to get to know me." In other words, even though I was not a member, they were shilling my image and profile. I had to threaten legal action before they would stop.

Does anyone has a current class action coming up against Eharmony? Or know of the lawyer that handled the yahoo case???

I have found 3 other women scammed by the same the same man who attempted to scam me.

Eharmony deleted the women's matches, assuring them this man was no longer on their site...guess what? My compliant resulted in the match date being altered, the match was sent to me Jan 24 (I kept a copy of his original profile) and his brand new profile was shuffled all the way back to a match date of Jan 1

Eharmony has allowed this con man to completely alter his profile. He has aged himself 4 years in under two months, his occupation has changed, he now has grown children rather than a 6 year old, he is divorced rather than widowed.

We have paper trails of western union money wires, everything for a successful case...we just need someone to take this to court.

Something needs to be done to these sites that provide a haven for out of country scam artists! This man's IP was traced to Nigeria

Does anyone know if eHarmony would be liable if they allowed my fiance to re-register with them when eHarmony was informed of our engagement?

Yahoo continues business as usual --- MANY phony/gorgeous females still are found on this bizarre, seemingly-intentionally-fraudulent site(2-08-09). Anyone for another lawsuit?

New Class Action suit against eharmony, if this sounds familiar to anyone or if you have had similar issues with customer service a eharmony please let me know: After reporting Technical problems that I kept having with the website customer care would reply with automated generic email responses that had NOTHING to do with the problems I was experiencing. eharmony made no effort to contact me and address the problems or attempt to fix them or apologize. The customer service number is conveniently “experiencing an unusually high volume of calls” during regular business hours when management is present and you are asked to call back at a later time. When you call back at a later time customer service tells you there isn’t anyone there after hours that can deal with your problem. When I complained via the incredibly stealthy “contact us” section and located a link to send and email, eharmony cancelled my subscription and refunded a small portion of my membership fee. Furthermore they refuse to answer any of my emails sent to customerrelations@eharmony.com which supposedly is sent directly to the administrators of the company. The worst part about it is that I had really connected with someone I like and I have no way to continue communication. I would like to know if there are other unfortunate victims of this type of corporate abuse that would like to contact me.

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