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All over the blogosphere today, people are quick to criticize the research and not question the media reporting on it. The content of the AP story appears flawed, and that so many media outlets uncritically pick this stuff up is frustrating, as you point out. First, if there is a reference to this research in today's PNAS, I missed it. Second, just a few minutes of online research tells us that this story was reported by, amongst others, a NYTimes blogger back in April, and that blog entry did a much better job of summarizing the research. That blog entry also points us to articles published by Peter Todd that elaborate on his work. I'm not defending the research, as I don't know it in detail, but before we pass judgment on the individuals being reported on, we must be more critical consumers of badly reported stories.

Ummm can I say DUHHH??? When we meet someone we see them first so its only natural. No one wants an ugly spouse....
Its who we are....women do it too. and whats wrong with it?

The study itself was lackluster and nothing new or even publishable. Moreover, the findings are not novel -- we've known for a long time than men AND women both put high value on looks at the outset. And that is biology; so no one should feel guilty or superficial for it.


James Houran, Ph.D.
Online Dating Magazine

I absolutely second that, there should be no guilt about the biology of attraction! I'll add that, of course we've also known for a long time the biology of attraction does not end with appearance. There is the mysterious interaction of invisible ingredients known as chemistry to consider as well. There is a relatively new Web application called Compatikey that takes the "mysterious" out of chemistry with an ingenious system that presents a visual representation of chemistry experienced in past relationships so you can identify the combinations that work for you and the combinations that don't. Forget about guilt, that's empowerment!

Hoops.....who do not want to have a partner with good looking? I guess no one.
That's why I choose to date a model on millionairematch.com. And she admitted that she cares my look more than others. Is there anything wrong?

Looks don't last but it's nice while they do. Us men can't help the way we are programmed can we?
It's in our genes just like women like strong confident men.

Chemestry is a very inportant ingredient. A mutual attraction starts with chemestry on both sexes part. I have a blind friend that can actually tell beautiful women just by his other senses. Voice and smell play as big a roll in determining sex apeal.

Wow, this is a no brainer. How much did they spend on that study?

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