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IMO, its nice to see eHarmony get a bit of egg on its face. I can see trying to have a high class, respectable dating site, but come on! When they reject people's profiles, do they think about what they are making that person feel like? And no, I myself haven't been rejected by them, I won't use their site to begin with.

I personally didnt like eharmoney that much

While eHarmony supposedly screens out individuals on a dysthmia scale (minor depression), they allow in upbeat individuals who are often hedonistic and individuals who live for the moment. This goes on in spite of eHarmony's claim that they match only serious singles seeking a long-term relationship. It may be that individuals who get depress are people who are deep thinkers and idealistic. This is in stark contrast to a lot of men and women who get on eHarmony just to have fun. One guy on an eHarmony blog stated he dated someone from eHarmony just because "she was hot." In addition, I think the reality is many of their customers are strictly there for fun and the article about (Navigating the one night stand) is not far off. However, eHarmony has to make money and while they claim to be the moral and mental police, they do not do it. If you read their "Terms and conditions" every claim their marketing divisions comes up with is contradicted by the above including the fact that they state they make no guarantees about the ultimate compatibility of the matches you meet. Read the "Terms and conditions" this the real face of eHarmony.

I put a comment weeks ago why wasn't it approved. eHarmony is a scam with inflated hype that is contradicted by their "Terms and conditions." I am not surprise they had an article like the above. One guy wrote on the unofficial eHarmaony blog that he dated someone seven weeks "Strictly because she was hot." They screen out people with minor depression and allow upbeat hedonistic people who are no more sincere about finding a long term relationship than those on Match, Chemistry, Forever or Whatever? And so it goes.

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