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We covered this more than three months ago ( http://www.pinoy.ca/eharmony/937 ) after having started to investigate it on December last year ( http://www.pinoy.ca/eharmony/447 ).

I couldn't remember why we didn't see the August 2007 M2 Media Group press release before these two posts.

Regarding this list selling, it's all permitted by their privacy policy: "... In addition, from time to time, we may share PII (such as e-mail or mailing address) about our user base with carefully selected third parties, so they can offer goods and services that we believe may be of interest to our users. ..." though I don't know since when.

Dear Porn Purveyor,

In January you apologize for sending me unsolicited porn. Now, it is
March 22, 2009 and the Porn magazine is still being sent to me. I
just received another one in today's mail.


You better believe I am going to be discussing this sickening act of
yours on my television show. I have also filled out the appropriate
form with the USPS. See their instructions below:

Stopping receipt of unsolicited "obscene" mail

You may file PS Form 1500 at a local Post Office to prevent receipt
of unwanted obscene materials in the mail or to stop receipt of
"obscene" materials in the mail. The Post Office offers two programs
to help you protect yourself (and your eligible minor children).

Option 1: Application for Prohibitory Order (requires the
objectionable mailpiece)

Under the Pandering Advertisements Statute, 39 USC 3008, if you are
the addressee of an advertisement, and consider the matter (product
or service) that it offers for sale to be "erotically arousing or
sexually provocative," you can obtain a Prohibitory Order against the
mailer. You apply for the order by submitting the entire advertising
mailpiece (the original, NOT a photocopy) with a properly completed
application. Minor children under 19 years old and residing with you
may be included in the application.

o Provides a deterrent to continued mailings by a specific
mailer advertising a product or service you consider erotically
arousing or sexually provocative

o You are required to save all materials, including the
envelope and the entire mailpiece and then attach the entire opened
mailpiece to PS Form 1500

Phil Konstantin

> Dear Mr. Konstantin,
> Your email to eHarmony’s customer care department regarding the
> unwanted subscription to Maxim magazine you received was escalated
> to my office. We sincerely regret and apologize for any distress
> this situation may have caused you. As you requested, I will also
> follow up this email with a letter via postal mail expressing our
> regrets. We will send the letter to the billing address we have on
> file for you. If you’d prefer it go elsewhere, please let me know.
> During the eHarmony subscription process, we give members the
> option to select a magazine from the offered list or to opt out of
> this offer altogether. When a member does not opt out of the offer
> or select a specific magazine, our fulfillment vendor automatically
> sends a default publication. I completely understand that you took
> offense to the publication you received and will speak with the
> individuals who manage this program about its appropriateness as a
> default publication.
> Our records show that you have already cancelled this subscription.
> If there is any more assistance we can offer you regarding this
> matter, please let me know.
> Thank you for bringing this to our attention and we wish you all the best.
> Sincerely,
> April B.
> Office of the President
> eHarmony
- March 23, 2009 10:12 AM

The unwanted magazine continued until June, despite repeated requests to all parties.

Unlike what the rep said, I never saw anything mentioned about a magazine subscription (paid or free) in any material I ever read concerning eHarmony.

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